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Laser Hair Removal

Zap away that unwanted hair.

Looking for an option to get rid of that unwanted hair with long-lasting benefits? Tired of the shaving, waxing, and plucking? It may be time for laser hair removal! Laser hair removal offers permanent hair reduction by targeting and destroying hair follicles, disabling further growth.

Areas we laser.


Upper Body

Lower Body

The cost of hair removal depends on the desired area of treatment plus the number of sessions that are necessary. 

Yes, depending on the treatment size we may be able to treat multiple areas in one sitting. Larger treatment areas often have to be treated individually. This is something that can be determined during your consultation.

Treatment area cannot be: tweezed, plucked, waxed, bleached or Naired for 6 weeks prior to treatment.
Treatment area cannot be exposed to the sun for 2 weeks prior and post treatment.
Treatment area must be clean shaven for appointment. It is recommended that you shave the day of or the day prior to treatment.

Oftentimes, the first treatment is built into the consultation appointment, this is dependent on the nurses discretion, consultation outcomes, and area of treatment.

There is no set number of sessions for hair removal given that everyone and everyone’s hair is different. We generally recommend starting with a session of 6 treatments and adding on treatments from there to achieve long-lasting results.

In the hours to days following your laser hair removal treatment, it is normal to experience redness, slight swelling, and sensitivity to the area. You will begin to notice the hair shedding but it is important to remember that hair grows in cycles which is why multiple treatments are required.

Splendor X

We’re invested in technology that works.

Using the laser that revolutionized unwanted hair removal, the Splendor X combines two wavelengths with two cooling methods to safely and permanently reduce hair growth with no need for numbing. The Splendor X allows us to offer treatments that are quicker, more comfortable and more effective for patients of all skin tones. As they say “This is how CONFIDENCE feels!”

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