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Botox® Cosmetic is a prescription medication for adults injected into muscles and used as a temporary solution to help improve the look of the following treatment areas.

Packages designed
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Frown Lines

Often referred to as “Scowl Lines” or “11’s”. Botox® can help soften these wrinkles between your eyebrows resulting in a smoother, more relaxed look.

Smile Lines

Crow’s Feet are the lines etched around your eyes when you smile. Botox® will help smooth these lines keeping your smile youthful!

Forehead Lines

Get rid of those horizontal forehead lines! Botox® can be used to treat and prevent these lines helping skin look smooth, youthful and vibrant.

Lip Flip

Often used as a pre-filler lip enhancement, Botox® can be injected into the lip line to give lips a temporary fuller and plumper look.


Sick of excessive sweating? Botox® can help! This treatment is great for those who struggle from hyperhidrosis in the underarm area.

Botox® works by temporarily relaxing the muscles within the treatment area. Resulting in smoother skin and improved signs of aging. Botox® injections can also treat a variety of other conditions including: migraines, discomfort associated with TMJ, and even excessive sweating.

Sometimes misrepresented as a simple, “no-brainer” procedure, Botox® injections are best performed by an experienced and skilled provider. With thousands of Botox® injections under his belt, Dr. Stevens has developed the skills and experience to personally handle designer Botox® injections with utmost precision. He has worked closely with his nursing staff, many of whom have been with him for years, to train them on his technique for Botox® injection.

Furthermore, we emphasize individualized treatment tailored to each patient’s specific needs rather than using a standardized approach. While this technique requires more attention, time, and skill on the part of the provider, it ensures that each patient receives the best results possible with the fewest risks or complications.

All Botox® appointments begin with a one-on-one consultation. You and your injector can discuss your personalized treatment plan, answer any questions, and review potential costs. All consultations are complimentary!

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